Friday, May 29, 2009


GARGOYLE!!! Sounds eerie yeah... Well, its this book I've been reading and I find the story very interesting as inside the main story, there are other small stories which is with moral issues and examples on different kinds of love.... As fren, as lover, as parent, as enemy.. (ok as enemy just din sound fancy.. cheh!) So, this is like the really old old version of Beauty & The Beast but its just that it has a better story line..... I should say that Andrew Davinson has done a great job wif this high level of imagination....

By reading the book, u will know he has done his homework to make this book a success and to call itself International Bestseller...

The story revolves around 12th century about this ex-nun Marianne Angel.... Who came back, can't really consider reborn but bf from the 12th century was reborn on the 20th century who was a porn star... He met with an accident and got himself all burnt and was in a hospital where Marianne was admitted over some mental issues.... Its a beautiful love, magic, imaginary, heart breaking story.... I cried over some of the pages and laughed over most of the pages as well.... Well for the ending, i think its better u read it urself rather than i give the review here.... I just don't wish to spoil the whole fun thing.... So for all those who enter here, there is no need to abandon hope. Lessons are learned, love is found, spirits are restored and faith is revealed.

A lil bit about the Author, Andrew Davidson.....
Andrew Davidson was born in Pinawa, Manitoba (Canada) on April 12 1969(Mind u, same date and month as me.... I so adore this guy rite now!!! Damn!!!) and graduated in 1995 from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in English literature. He has worked as a teacher in Japan, where he has lived on and off, and as a writer of English lessons for Japanese Web sites. The Gargoyle, the product of seven years' worth of research and composition, is his first book. Davidson lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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