Monday, November 30, 2009


Its been 2 weeks now since I've not been in contact wif you but yet i can't make myself to contact you anymore.... Plus, i miss you like madly but it hurts to think back what i went thru and made myself go thru when i knew its the wrong path i chose and wish i nvr chose it...... In fact, its a path i could have ignored if i wanted to..... I cry every night thinking of you only to find out you don't do the same..... But its my feelings and its not yours, i cant expect the same from you...........

I wish i nvr knew you, i wish you nvr existed in my life and i really wish i could wake up the next morning and say "Who is that?" but sadly, i can't as those things only happens in movies..... Many signs were shown as a reason for me to leave but i used the smallest issues as a reason for me to stay on and the only reason was cause of HOPE...... I hoped on you, i trusted you even when my bestie did her best to make me leave you..... I suffered alot cause of you and you took everything like im worthless, seriously, am I not worthful to you? am I that bad that you had to ditch me halfway thru the the River of Niles? I think i was good enough for you but you.... you nvr appreciated that...... And I still wonder why.....

I wish i nvr did anything or was even out wif you as it hurts to see those places i went to wif you, those conversations we had..... I try to delete those memories from my mind, those that kept me happy, those that kept me smiling, those that showed me hope, those that hurt me as well......

Tell me............ What should I do to keep you wif me forever? Or at least to make you disappear from my life forever?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Facebook Detoxification.....

I'm claim myself as a facebook addict.... I can't live a day without facebook. Even if I'm at home during weekends(I don't have a comp.), I still surf the web(FACEBOOK I mean) thru my mobile(thanks to technology!!!)...... How pathetic is that??? Well I know there's many of you facing the same shit im going thru.... hehehehehe

So, I decided to detoxify from facebook by challenging myself not to visit facebook at all for 10 days... So far, I got thru 5 days...... Yeah, Me!!!! So, maybe those out there still suffering of Facebook Addiction, should probably detoxify yourself by self challenging....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mayan Calendar-Disaster or New Life??

As you know, everyone's talking about the Mayan Calendar ever since the movie 2012 been released. What you can see, the picture beside its the actual Mayan Calendar by the MesoAmericans of the Pre-Columbian times.

Each picture on the Calendar has its own meaning. For example, The Face in the middle is called Tonatiuh's face which means, the face of the Sun. The Lord of Heaven. Thats not all, when i checked on the net, this is what I got for the defination of its whole face ' The Lord of Heaven, around which took place all daily or periodic Phenomena. The crown, nose pendant, earrings & necklace falls under luxy and the ornaments proper for the deity. Wherelse the hair represents the golden apprearance of the star. The wrinkles on the face is to show how matured is he and the tongue, like an obsidian knife stuck outward indicates the need of being fed blood and human hearts. According to the Mayan calendar, there are only 260 days in a year.

But what the question runs in all our minds is, whether or not the world ends in 2012 as per the movie said.... Is the disasters takes place as such before we all are long gone??

There are 5 elements, the fire, wind, water, metal & earth. World ends with disasters taken place by this elements but how far is this true,we ain't so sure.... But what we know is 'Precaution is better than Cure' So, be careful with whats happening around you. Everyday, there's a disaster happening around us. Mexico has volcano eruption(Fire), Indonesia's on fire(Fire), Philippines in hit of Thyphoon(Water & Wind), Australia suffering from climate change(Wind), China with Religion War Between the Xinjiang-Urumqi & China-Chinese(Water-related to blood & Earth).... What more could happen? Families are killing each other, animals & humans are dying of sickness.... Are all this the signs of world ending or maybe its the end for a New Beginning of a New Era like the Mayans said?

At right is the ancient Mayan Pyramid Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. The Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichén Itzá, constructed circa 1050 was built during the late Mayan period, when Toltecs from Tula became politically powerful. The pyramid was used as a calendar: four stairways, each with 91 steps and a platform at the top, making a total of 365, equivalent to the number of days in a calendar year. Because the two calendars were based on 260 days and 365 days respectively, the whole cycle would repeat itself every 52 Haab' years exactly. This period was known as a Calendar Round. The end of the Calendar Round was a period of unrest and bad luck among the Mayans, as they waited in expectation to see if the gods would grant them another cycle of 52 years. Haab is the name for the Maya Calendric System.

Hope this awares everyone to look into what lies ahead of us to educate themself for self-improving & to be prepared.... But i know i'm not prepared yet!!! Hehehehehe